Commercial Landlord/Tenant

In the current real estate market, there is room for constant tension between commercial landlords and tenants. I can help you resolve disputes


If you have a dispute with your landlord or tenant, contact me for a consultation.

  • Rent Disputes

  • Tenant/Subtenant disputes

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Enforcing the lease

  • Repair disputes

  • Eviction



If you are just looking for advice on your situation I can help. I am happy to spend time talking through your situation and offering a legal opinion on your situation. Not every situation has a clear answer, but I can advise you of your options and the possible consequences of each. I am also happy to provide opinion letters when necessary. All consultations are subject to these terms & conditions.



Commercial evictions are never a simple process. There are multiple notices and court deadlines that must be strictly satisfied. It is always a good idea to have the advice of an experienced landlord/tenant attorney to get you through the process.


Most commercial leases have specific provisions regards subtenants. If you are interested in subleasing commercial space, you should have the advice of an experienced lawyer to make sure you avoid any pitfalls.

Repair Disputes

Unlike residential tenancies, there are few laws regarding repairs in commercial landlord/tenancies. Responsibilities are almost always divided up in the lease, but leases are not always clear. I can review your lease and help determine you is responsible.

Insurance Disputes

I have extensive experience negotiating and resolving insurance disputes. Dealing with insurance companies has a variety of pitfalls, I can ensure the insurance company sticks to the policy and gives you the protection you are paying for.

All commercial landlord/tenant services are at my hourly rate: $250.00/Hr

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