Consultation Policy:

I am happy to offer consultations to clients and potential clients on their legal situation.  In some situations, I offer free consultations on specific issues. Other consultations require a small fee.


  1. Car Crash: Free - if you've been in a car crash and are looking for legal counsel I am happy to offer a free consultation. This is a chance for us to meet and decide if we want to work together.

  2. Residential Landlord/Tenant: $50-$165 - I am not able to offer free consultations on landlord/tenant questions. I offer consultations for 15 minutes for $50, 30 minutes for $90 and 60 minutes for $165. At a consultation, I can help you understand your rights, the law and may be able to provide form letters. Most situations can be addressed in a 15-minute or 30-minute consultation. Applies to residential tenancies only, commercial consultations are available for $250 per hour.

  3. Commercial Landlord/Tenant: $250/hr - Unlike residential tenancies, commercial tenancies are more complicated and have fewer laws that directly govern the relationship. A consultation will usually require me to spend time reading through your lease for relevant provisions before I can offer effective advice. The total consultation fee will likely vary from case to case. However, my experience is that most consultations are billed for 1-2 hours. I do have a 1-hour minimum fee.

  4. Civil Litigation: Free - If you are involved in a lawsuit and need to hire an attorney, I am happy to offer a free consultation. I cannot give you legal advice, but I am able to discuss the legal process, give you an idea of the possible outcomes, and estimate my total fees.


Consultation Term & Conditions:

Paid Consultation: In a paid consultation, I can provide legal advice on your specific situation. I can explain the law and direct you to resources that will help you understand the law and use it to your benefit. I can explain what the law is and give advice on the best way to handle your situation. I cannot guarantee the outcome of any dispute. I will offer the best opinions and advice I can, but the outcome of any legal action may be different from my analysis.

A paid consultation creates a limited attorney/client relationship, solely for the purpose of offering legal advice. By signing up for a consultation I do not agree to represent you or engage in negotiations with your landlord, tenant, insurance company or any third party without payment of an additional fee.

I require payment at the time of the consultation or within 48 hours. Payments may be made in via Square with a credit card or debit card. I also accept in payments in the form of a check or credit/debit cards.


Free Consultation: The purpose of a free consultation is to figure out if we want to work together. In a free consultation, I cannot provide legal advice. What I can do is discuss your situation, discuss the legal processes involved and give you some idea of the range of possible outcomes. A free consultation does not create an attorney/client relationship.



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